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Hitchhicker's Guide to the Library

Our resident staff and long-term visitors need no guide. As for all newcomers and casual visitors to ICTP, see if the following lines answer your questions; otherwise, or if you prefer, come and Ask us!


Why should I bother to walk to the Library?

Because it's full of treasures and you'll love it!


Where are you?

In the Leonardo Building. As you enter it, turn right and go to the 1st floor. The Library entrance is above the cafeteria, and near the bar.


Any formalities?

Please stop at the Library Information Desk: one minute and you get your Card. Your registration at ICTP does not activate your library account automatically.


Wireless internet connection?

The Library is served. Login to the ictp-open or ictp-secure network [see how to configure it] with your ICTP account, and use your portable devices.

Otherwise, you can use the Eduroam network, if your institution has joined the Garr-Eduroam federation.

Access Denied?

"Access Denied", why?

You must be using a computer on the ICTP network, and the resource you are trying to access must be licensed to the library. As a rule of thumb, if it is in our catalogue we have licensed access.