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Accessing Licensed eResources

The Marie Curie Library subscribes to many full text eResources. Access to them is governed by license agreements and international copyright rules. Each user is responsible for conforming to the Terms and Conditions of Use.


Access from a workstation inside ICTP, or from a device connected to the ictp-secure network.

Web browsers must be configured to use the ICTP web proxy server, which is and uses port number 3128. See the instructions below.

Terms and Conditions of Use

The following uses are strictly prohibited

  • Systematically downloading one article after the other (more than 20 in 5 minutes)
  • Downloading complete volumes or issues
  • Using robots or net accelerators

Publishers/providers constantly monitor the local overall activity. Should they detect a violation, access to their eResources may be suspended immediately at their discretion, consequently penalizing the entire scientific community at ICTP.

If this occurs, the Library will be notified of the suspension and will be requested to identify the source of violation. For this reason, each user's downloads are logged.

How to setup your browser to use the ICTP proxy server

  • Automatic detection:

Some browsers can be set to automatically detect the settings which should work.

  • Automatic configuration script:

Set the browser to use a script file that contains the necessary information. This URL is:

  • Manual configuration:

This means you tell the browser the host name of the proxy server - namely - and the port number 3128.

  • POSIX system browsers:

Check the environment variable http_proxy. Before starting the browser, depending on the shell being used, set the variable using:

setenv http_proxy


export http_proxy=


If you still encounter problems then contact or call ext. 999.