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Happy birthday Marie and Lise!

A tribute to women scientists

Happy birthday Marie and Lise!
Happy birthday Marie and Lise!


"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood."
Marie Curie
"Science makes people reach selflessly for truth and objectivity; it teaches people to accept reality, with wonder and admiration, not to mention the deep awe and joy that the natural order of things brings to the true scientist."
Lise Meitner

Marie Skłodowska Curie and Lise Meitner were both born on November 7th, just 11 years apart. They were pioneering scientists, but only Marie Curie was ever honoured by the Nobel committee. She was the first female to earn the Nobel Prize and the only woman to earn two, in physics in 1903 and in chemistry in 1911.
Meitner received many awards late in her life, but did not share in the 1944 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for nuclear fission, which was awarded exclusively to her long-time collaborator Otto Hahn. She was later honoured when element 109, Meitnerium was named after her.
They had long and fascinating careers which are a source of inspiration and encouragement for many women scientists to follow their footsteps.
Recalling that women scientists, especially in developing countries, are affected these days by the impacts of the pandemic, as this survey by OWSD shows, we invite everyone to browse our resources and deepen the topic of role, challenges and struggle of Women in Science.

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