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End of an era

"Annalen der Physik" goes e-only.

End of an era
End of an era


Founded in 1790, Annalen der Physik is one of the world’s most renowned physics journals with a long tradition of excellence. Based on the fame of seminal papers by Einstein, Planck, and many others the journal is now tuned towards today’s most exciting physics findings, and in line with the changing times will be published online only. The publisher only offers print on-demand.
In 1905 Max Planck coeditor of the Annalen der Physik accepted Einstein's relativity paper. The paper was received by the Annalen der Physik at the end of June 1905 and Planck was the first scientist to notice Einstein's relativity theory and to report favorably on it.

A list of excellent papers which have been published in Annalen der Physik from 1799 until today, some of them free (including Einstein's papers), is available via the Wiley Online Library.