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06 Aug 2019

Hiroshima Atomic Bombing

Our books on Oppenheimer, Teller and the Manhattan Project, a great scientific achievement turned into tragedy

29 Jul 2019

50th Anniversary of the Apollo Landing

Has the 50th Anniversary left you hungry for more? See the collection: Air and Space Transport Engineering

01 Jul 2019

Ten Hot Topics around Scholarly Publishing

The arguments in this article are a powerful tool against misinformation across wider academic research

04 Jun 2019

Plan S implementation postponed to Jan 2021

cOAlition S, international consortium of research funders, releases revised guidance on Plan S implementation

16 May 2019

Light in the Library

A selection of readings from your Library celebrating The International Day of Light #IDL2019

03 May 2019

Let's make Open Access a reality!

African Open Science Platform, AmeliCA, cOAlition S, OA2020, SciELO push towards universal, full, immediate OA

09 Apr 2019

FAQ About the Digital Copyright Directive

Answers to the more regularly raised issues regarding the directive on copyright in the digital single market

28 Mar 2019

University Press Scholarship Online

Free trial access 28 March - 30 April 2019

22 Mar 2019

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day, dive into our Library's great selection regarding nature's most precious resource