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10 Oct 2018

Nobel in Economics Winner Focused on Climate Change

W. Nordhaus: 'we entered the Climate Casino and are rolling the global-warming dice'

02 Oct 2018

A Woman Awarded Nobel in Physics!

Donna Strickland is the first woman Physics Nobel winner in 55 years

12 Sep 2018

New Physics Classification Scheme from APS

PhySH is intended to cover the full breadth of physics and to function as a full replacement for PACS

07 Sep 2018

Search Engine for Open Data

The tool, called Google Dataset Search, should help researchers to find the data they need more easily

03 Sep 2018

Free Our Knowledge

Academics have the power to change the rules of the publishing game. Join the Free our Knowledge initiative

17 Aug 2018

60th Anniversary Edition of Review of Particle Physics

The ultimate reference on all things particle physics is available online

15 Aug 2018

Unpaywall revolution

How a free tool to locate legally free-to-read versions of research papers is transforming open science

03 Aug 2018

Free your bookshelves

Your books can contribute to libraries in need

11 Jul 2018

INSPIRE links to MathSciNet

INSPIRE, the information system for high energy physics now has links to MathSciNet