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16 Oct 2019

The Nobel's Are Over, but what about the papers?

Physics Today takes the spotlight off the laureates and focuses on the papers that prompted Nobel glory

27 Sep 2019


Over 2,000 IOP physics education resources for teachers, trainees and teacher-trainers

20 Sep 2019

Covering Climate Now

Coverage of the climate crisis and its impacts in the lead up to the UN Climate Summit. #coveringclimatenow

17 Sep 2019

UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2019

First quadrennial Global Sustainable Development Report prepared by an independent group of scientists

16 Sep 2019

UNCTAD Digital Economy Report 2019

The document examines the scope for value creation and capture in the digital economy by developing countries

29 Aug 2019

Our Library has been awarded the Spirit of Salam 2019

Proud to receive the Award today from Abdus Salam's family for our service

06 Aug 2019

Hiroshima Atomic Bombing

Our books on Oppenheimer, Teller and the Manhattan Project, a great scientific achievement turned into tragedy

29 Jul 2019

50th Anniversary of the Apollo Landing

Has the 50th Anniversary left you hungry for more? See the collection: Air and Space Transport Engineering

01 Jul 2019

Ten Hot Topics around Scholarly Publishing

The arguments in this article are a powerful tool against misinformation across wider academic research